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  FOX    KTVU Morning News Early Edition  

    March 4, 2014
    5:00 - 6:01am PST  

the damage it caused to the streets and arrests police have made. transgender teen was attacked, we will tell you what they are saying about the assault. it isit's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we want to take you down to san jose this morning. we are live on the scene, highway patrol are investigating a body found on a freeway off ramp, it is -- has closed that off ramp as the investigation continues. janine de la vega is down there this morning and we will check in with her, more on this investigation and how it is a affecting traffic and we will be with her in just a moment. march 4th, i am pam cook. >> let's talk about weather and traffic, rosemary is in for
steve? we are waking up to plenty testify gray and the system moved -- plenty of gray and the system moved. take a look, it is 5:00 and now we have a few popping up by 10:00 or so and we have mainly dry and by the under much hour we will be dry over the next few hours. 155 redwood city 155 in livermore and 55 in after moon bay -- half-moon bay take a look at some of these numbers, 66 expected in oakland into the north bay, mid-60s for areas like santa rosa and again with mostly cloudy skies.
when i come back we will have a loom at how much rain fell and we will be already looking at the next storm. we have a new syringing alert at the ramp and it is an injury with an over turn vehicle. and for this overturned car, fire department and medics are on the scene and this is an airport bound traffic so if you are trying to catch a flight use 101, done let this surprise you in san bruno. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the the traffic is on a 10 minute drive ,from yes
the drive time. and allow yourself a little bit of extra time ttime. they are investigating a body found on this the off ramp. i just spoke with chp whether this camp. now this is blocked off to traffic because there is a body of a woman laying here in the road. they are investigating exactly how she died. stemple people called in but around 320 this morning, when emergency crews were on the way and she ended up being pronounced dead at the scene. they don't know if she was
walking on the off ramp and was hit or what. >> vehicles halted and like i said, we are not sure, officers are still gathering as much information as they can and they are trying to see if the witnesses may have seen her and hit the woman, they are talking to witnesses and this off ramp will remain closed for at least an hour and should not impact any traffic going northbound to 280 but they do think it had be. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now the 5:04 we have
developing news in el cerrito. it left a path of destruction a block long. you can see some of the damage that is being worked on and the repairman on that latter where a car, it all happened around midnight but as a suspected drunk driver came through it crashed into several objects. the driver tried to run away but was captured and arrested and booked on dui charges. a female passenger was in the car but she was not hurt. alex savage is coming up at 5:30. >> extra counselors were be and hand and joining us now to tell
the latest act of violence. tara? now police are treating this as a hate crime. a male was attacked by three boys, ages 16 and 17 after using the boy's bathroom yesterday. the boys shoved him in a stall, beat him and sexually assaulted him. because they called him der interrogator are you names, it is considered a hate crime and weigh need the some occasion at this point. there is no indication that he had any prior contactings with him. >> and again, this is the same place where a female got into a brawl in november. they had repeated taunting and bullying from the high school
and the children will be addressed at the high school. the victim in this case was sexually assaulted at the high school and then went home with his parents. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are due back in court this afternoon. the four student are expecting them. they taunted a black roommate with several racist comments with an african-american student. they launched an unpresented -- unprecedented investigation. jenna betty was struck and killed by a fray train sunday evening. she ran on to the train tracks
to pick up a cell phone she had dropped. many classmates are wearing pink, it was her favorite color. tonight's candle light vigil will be there and they are worried about a reason surge in crime. it happened inside the cuisine restaurant on bee street. he is in stable condition at the marin county hospital and is the search for suspects continues. police say it is only a tip for vie lean -- violent crimes and p.m. he says if this continues, it will drain resources from working other types of crime. a new city will be the next
city administrator and that is after she announced she is stepping down after three years. she was unhappy because she felt her efforts to get the city on sound financial ground was being blocked by city leaders. ron called roan -- ron was indicted on federal corruption charges and that means they can no longer pass emergency legislation or put constitutional a emergency legislations without public support. yesterday's deadly plane crash in chuckee, it was spotted around noontime
yesterday. darn in from until, he is in the hospital in reno. >> the left wing was torn off, most of the rest of the plane was intact. >> they were taking off from southern california and they were about six miles from that airport when they crashed. it took several hours to reach him because of the remote location of the crash sight. it is open to drivers months ago. but is it safe? the repair project for the span of the bay bridge. why he is criticizing his actions. >> room we have a lot of things and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
we have lingering light showers and patchy drizzle and how much longer will this wet weather stick around? we will let you know coming up.
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. new this morning. vladimir puntin is sending russian troops into ukraine and he says russia is okay to use all means to protect their citizens. he is encouraging what he call
is the anti-constitutional koop in ukraine and he is criticizing russia compared to u.s. using iraq and libya. russia is on the wrong side of history says president barack obama. >> now is the time for them to consider whether they can serve their interests in a way that um, resorts to diplomacy as opposed to force this is video of russian troops who have surrounded an air base and russian troops can be seen firing into the air warning them to stop their approach. they arrived in ukraine 45 minutes ago heading to ukraine
last night and he is there to show political support for the raw crane and in -- ukrainian as part of an economic package that is after russia said they would cancel a price discount. now i want to show you wall street. of course a big loss is yesterday part of that is concern over the unrest, here is the military in ukraine and the dow jones industrial average, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq are expected to open up more than 1% each. >> all right, pam, 5:15 happening today, president barack obama unveils his 20th today. it is proposed to help low and middle income families and it
will redo it and for the most part they have to come up with another budget. one man said he caught a burglar in the act and has the video to prove it take a look at this friday night. herman caught a man trying to steal a bicycle in the backyard and the same man grabbed a large object to smash a large defuser. he is -- door. he chased the man for almost a mile before catching him. newark police arrived to make an arrest. his wife said she wished her husband had not cased him. the they will be all loud to
paint. they said the color didn't fit with the historic value of the building and the city denied that appeal. they want to discourage small business owners and opponents will have to adjust to the times. happening now, final day of mardi gras in new orleans and the millions of people are in new orleans to celebrate fat tuesday all morning as well as the first day of lent. and they plan to cross the bay area in san francisco and there will be a free blues concert from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. and knap la will host a show starts at 7:00 friend this
evening. sal, we know the roads are wet this morning. and good morning and let's talk about it. it remains shut down and for a complete investigation and we are looking into a truck on a pulling and a pickup truck ran into a building at a construction site and the paramedics have been called to the scene. san bruno 3 earlier. and we have a crash on dreamville road in livermore and this is blocking one of the lanes with four cars and traffic will be slow. so there are a lot of incidents on this wet tuesday morning
commute. it is light but again wets you drive went a 10 minute drive time anything for steve, it is rose mary. it has pretty much moved out winding down and we are left with patchy drizzle and here is a look at our rainfall totals, we have 4 temperatures reported andp hundreds. it went from anywhere from an inch to two inches in some cases. we have plenty of stuff to go around and earlier i picked up well, at least a bit of light rain falling near san mateo and
into areas like san carlos and foster city may be a little bit of drizzle near highway 101 and this will be with us for the next few hours and as we got into the next few hours, it should be do you did i for tuesday and look at all of that rain that continues to pure into the area and this system will roll in tomorrow evening and it looks like an evening overnight event similar to what we just had. in fact we will roll you through and if we pick it up at this hour there is that little bit of rain and as we get there, it is mostly cloud did i, ms. taking up and we have a look at your afternoon highs coming up in just a little bit. we start out dry and we have
rain in the northwest area of california and as we get into sunset, testimony looks like we have rain entering the north and outside of your door this morning. widespread 50s and for the afternoon, low-to-mid 50s for the coast and peninsular in some of your inland communities, rain will move in, latch through tuesday morning, friday and saturday looks niles, in nearing 70s and some more rain moves in. this may being they want to be sold in one piece and the company that owns albertson's said it is interesting in buying some safe waive stores. it coo be easier to overcome
antitrust concerns and each buy part of safe way. social members, the san francis company, there will also be more, connected person ms., before the end of june -- be more connected persons before the end of june. we have new information about the woman who was hit and the fate of the driver who is claiming responsibility. we have new information about the victim and what triggered a massive wall of snow that buried her home. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay?
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[niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? . welcome back many parts of the southeast are expecting freezing temperatures after a snowstorm dump had more than a half foot of snow yesterday they are expected in single digits in many areas. forecasters say this is rare for the month of march in fact there were only twice at those temperatures but once in 1972 and once in 1973. ice covered more than 95%
of the great lake service as of sunday and that's incredible, one of the highest percentages ever recorded. ice coverage is at an am time high and that record may be broken this week. and her friend and a boy was buried. neighbors began frantically trying to go through the snow to find the people who were buried. >> he is specially in this sort of weather, especially if there is a family involved. >> coleville died at the hospital. workers with the avalanche center said the avalanche was triggered by an avalanche and
he was able to get out before it picked up speed. more people are connected to cost terrible farms chickens. earl yack earlier cases were here in california. three foster valley were given health alerts and that's after they were connected to them with salmonella poisoning. is surprise on the slopes, this forced a ski resort to shut down, why is not the time to get out there. and a suspected drink driver -- drunk driver jumped the curb, we will tell you what
that driver did after the accident. good morning, traffic is getting better in some areas, and tuck see traffic is going to -- going to be slowing down and we will be having slick roads and we will tell you how much will last. attention monster taco fans!
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. welcome back, it is 5:30, we are live in el cerrito right now and this is a car dealership that is being boarded up where police are investigating where a car and san pablo, it included major damage at this car dealership. he will show us more and tell us about an arrest which has been made. stay tuned t- march 4th, i am dave clark. thank you for waking up with us. , is he still ahead out there,. and you can see the rain coming through and we've got the snow still falling here and snow levels are still relatively high and you can see right here and you may find some snow here and it is always a great idea
to have those chains handy if you are traveling too or from theee era. 53 and we will be a little damp and it's not being picked up by the radar and as we get into the afternoon it will turn mostly cloudy and our temperatures will be feeling relatively mild to warm. 16 in antioch and 66 in concord and you are looking at upper 60s and mid-50 in sap front and that's really going to be about it. 67 in pleasanton and mound taken view and 66 for redwood city and a half moon bay and 66 for santa cruz and as we get into noon day, temperatures are
not feeling bad at all. i do see a new system and i will have a rain the rainfall totals. we have a lot going on this morning with the wet roads and i want to show you the traffic is still going to be affected by a sig alert and now they have changed it to northbound 280 and it was also southbound and they managed to open up the eastbound ramp and they managed to have a new sig alert which went down the end bank. and the best thing to do is stick to 101. i want to mention greenville road and they are clearing a crash and their traffic is slowing and you can see a lot of traffic. it is going to be busy and we
have traffic on north 280, they have cleared that ramp and on to saratoga go avenue after that police activity and bay bridge still looking light although it is wet ought there let's go to the desk. they caused an accident in el cerrito and we can see how far the debris stretches, alex? >> reporter: it is incredible to see. this car barreled down the block for an entire block and they joined the curb at the end and it hit the buildings purchase eventually plowing out this use the car ship.
the small sedan took out a parking sign, a tree, a medal bus bench and debris was littering the sidewalk after this car came to rest. el cerrito, the man bolted from the car and ran down the street around officers had to -- and officers had to chase him down and police do believe he was under the influence. two people walking a long after managing to be hit. >> there was two pedestrians further down the street. >> and police are telling us this woman was a passenger in that car. she was not hurt during the accident, a man so is not
hurting and he is facing -- facing that and he doesn't have a dollar am and there is quite a bit of damage and clean up work which had to be done and the city will have to replace ended. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:36 students are crediting the school's alert system after two armed robbers were on campus. it happened sunday morning in the parking lot of shot field. a student was approached by three men who was robbed at
gunpoint. the second rob rewas each followed by more information. >> i got the call, what exactly happened, what they look like and i got two e-mails about it too. >> now during that second robbery, the victim was hit in the face with a gun. police are now advising people not to walk alone at neat. we willen there after a transgender student is attacked in a school bathroom. and the west unified school district admits they have to do a better job at policing their campus and no student should be subjected to that kind much
criminal conduct. a 15-year-old who identified himself as the male was attacked by 3 boys yesterday afternoon. the fact that he walls african- american and they said those things, it is considered a hate crime. >> we will ask that they be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law no matter who they are. >> and a female transgender student got into a brawl in november. testimony he came after repeated taunting from christmas display lease high. police say the victim in this case did undergo a sexual assault "x" amount nation and
you shall more likely to see that. officers were dispatched to do a welfare check just after 8:00 last night. that is when they found the two bodies. police have not said how they died and they have also not released their names or ages or relationship. the new eastern span of the bay bridge the work is far from over. caltrans' punch list runs 147 pages and contains thousands of items that engineers still have to be finished before signing off on the project. it calls for tightening busts. >> are reason rains have held it in marin county. if the risk varies were less than -- reservoirs were less
than 08 feet -- 80 feet they would have cut back and they are raised it to more than 80 and that's full capacity for this time of year. they are still being asked to voluntarily reduce their water usage but however despite the recent rains, big water cuts could be coming for residents and the board is being asked to put a mandatory lists. and it is for once or twice in businesses. it will ban refilling pools and there 0 would be a ban on sidewalks and driveways. >> about 40% of our water supply comes from the state
water project and recently renown water supplies get zero percent allocation. >> some of it comes from groundwater which is really low and the rest comes from the state. there will be a public hearing and they are asking for 20% water conservation. he is also looking for a 10% cut back in water use and it is all val tare right now -- voluntary now but it may become mandatory later. they are linked to some unusual activity on the ski slopes and for the second time a bear wandered out in lake tahoe. they are carrying the injured bear, he was rescued and taken to a wildlife facility and they
have seen a lot of animals for this time of year. then weather is a month early and the wildlife is reacting to our drought. >> wild life staff x-rays show no broken bones but the bear cub is a bit underweight. they were shut down for several hours while the bear was moved out. >> i can't imagine that. >> not. >> in the meantime let's stop them and why supervisors are protecting their own. oscar pistorius is protecting the privacy of witnesses during the trial which may have been violated. it is leading to problems as we look at the east shore
freeway and traffic is moderately heavy heading out to the trent mcarthur maze. and in the forecast for today, we do have another storm on the way and i will pinpoint that and we have a look at your afternoon highs and coming up. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin.
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. welcome back time now 4:45, happening now the oscar pistorius trial is now in its second day. we want to show you video of the former olympic track star arriving at the courthouse. oscar pistorius is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend last valentine's day, but claims he thought she
was an intruder. a neighbor just wrapped up her testimony and was interrupted when an image of her was being televised despite a court order giving privacy for those who asked for it. she described hearing and seeing gunshots gunshots. last month's deadly police shooting near campus, it happened on theth -- 8th and san safe door. one bullet ricocheted but nobody inside the house was hurt. guzman was spotted and a police officer was forced to shoot guzman to protect his partner. later today, a federal judge will decide the next step in the police department's biggest scandal in years. they broke the story last week,
5 police officers and one former officer faces corruption charges ranging from theft and civil rights violations. it stems from police raids captured on video and the association said the case is based on questionable testimony from unreliable witnesses. time now 547, considering 2 separate bills to include killswitches on cell phones. that would help reduce the number of cell phone thefts because they 0 would be worth less to a thief. right now large u.s. cities are related to certain constraints. and we first told you about this yesterday during mornings on 2. a 71-year-old woman was hit on the intersection of
olive avenue. it happened just before 6:00 a.m. yesterday. people who live in the area say this particular intersection is dangerous and drivers often miss it. >> i worry because a lot of people use that crosswalk and it's a four lane crossing area and people drive very fast on that road. >> now police say the driver did stop and is cooperating with police. if they find he was at fault he may possibly face criminal charges. there are several problems we should be aware of in the commute? >> yes, and it's correlated with the wet weather and there may be some causation. oh, yes, it is, we want to make sure everybody can hear me. there is a significant alert
and traffic will be find getting up to highway 17 and if you want to get to the airport, the best ways is to use highway 101 and temperature will be slower into livermore valley because of a crash on westbound 580 at green vail road and you can give yourself a little extra time into green veil. we have a serious sounding cross in the clayton area and a car ran into a pole and the electrical wires, that person is trapped inside along with emergency crews. 5:49 let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and it's backed up, maybe for a 3 minute delay. total drive time, just a little bit over, more than 120 minutes
and 280 looks good. here is rosemary. okay, we are waking up with that, we have to take that one slow and a little bit of drizzle out there this morning. it is not being picked up although it is falling below the beam and that still remains in place and we still had a few sales, oh look, there is drizzle falling from the sky, perhaps a few light showers and the bunt of the system is moving through and in fact i had to customize this to show you between the evening commutes and into 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., you can see about midnight, it is already leaving the south bay so the brunt of this storm is out of here and it gave us anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half, cass zero and almost two inches, it is picking up more
1400 in mountain view a cured terrible inch and the more rain we have accumulated. quarter inch and nearly 4 / 10 10th and we are left with this little bit falling like a drizzle and by noontime we are mostly cloudy but remain dry. upper 40s to 50s to a relatively mild start by the lunch hour and for the afternoon, we have some nice numbers. 68 in antioch 67 in san jose mid-to-upper 60s and as we get into the extended forecast. we will wake up with scattered showers on thursday.
nice mostly sunny to near 70 degrees and we will have a shot of rain for the second half of the weekend and it looks like by sunday, a reminder of it into sunday. i will time out the next storm with the future model coming up. and/or call is the street as they continue to work on the sight and they are -- site and they are still pest mystic that they will finish it before the end of the month and that's when all americans are required to have insurance under the affordable healthcare act. and he says they don't store value and they don't provide what he calls a durable means of exchange. he will be surprised they are still around for 20 years. and the funding site said they can now be considered a big
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. welcome back, san francisco supervisor are expected to have a ban on selling water and if it is approved, the city would phase out the sale of 21-ounce and plastic water bottles. before david sha, he will hold a water taste being challenge
including tap and some of the water battles inside of san francisco city hall : in fact after think ran out of dough, he didn't realize he was delivering to some of the oscars but i don't know he would get to meet some of the biggest stars. >> ellen told me to call and then when i was going i realized i was on stage. >> okay, quite a realization to be on stage besides getting to appear. ellen also gave him a $1,000 tip. a disturbing discovery, a body of a woman found this
morning on a freeway off ramp, what investigators are trying to determine also, new information we just received about traffic in that area. plus the crime storage in a bay area community and this is just the tip of the iceberg. traffic is moving along well in many areas and this is the richmond bridge and as you can see traffic is moving along well. oop. >> we are still met with drizzle for the morning ours and we have mostly cloudy skies and i will detail your tuesday coming up. ] no one told her,r [son]hi! [mom screams]
. live in san jose where chp is investigating, it hit on the ramp and we will tell you what happened moments before the person was hit. and a suspected drunk driver jumped into a curb and barreled into several buildings, we will